The family company Lust Fine Food Company was founded in 2006 and has been providing consultancy, cooking and support services for private and business events. When it comes to the kitchen, there are many options at Lust, from a private chef on your yacht to a plateau de fruits de mer on your wedding.

In addition to the culinary riches we prepare for you, we can also provide table linen, matching tableware, beautiful glasses and a wine arrangement. We offer a total package when it comes to culinary adventures!

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Hans Venneman

Preparing and serving exclusive culinary riches for your event or family dinner is my passion. It doesn’t matter if it’s at your home, on a yacht or at another special location: I’ll always offer a high-quality culinary adventure!

I am a private chef, entrepreneur and teacher and I have many years of experience as an independent restaurant owner and mentor for starting various catering facilities. Because I have been involved with many restaurants, hotels and catering companies, I was quick to realise what I wanted to do with my own kitchen: Burgundian with a French-Mediterranean basis. My specialty is seafood, but I am also quite adept at many amazing meat dishes. Thanks to a combination of creativity and craftsmanship I always present lovely and surprising dishes for you.

I also love to be in the kitchen for you to prepare a surprising lunch or wonderful dinner. Contact me so that we can draw up a great menu!



Quality Foods

Lust Fine Food Company is a supplier of exclusive kitchen essentials and high-quality, fresh products every day for villas, catering companies and yachts. Our vast assortment includes lobster, caviar, wagyu, oysters, various types of fish, fruits and vegetables, fois gras, strong liquors, cigars, as well as kitchen knives and hand-crafted cutting boards, comfortably completing your kitchen or galley equipment.

If you don’t have the time to be in the kitchen, Lust Fine Food Company can help you out. We prepare amazing fresh soups every day, various types of salad and luxury meals, which we deliver to you so that you don’t have to worry and can work or spend quality time with your partner or family. While you do that, we prepare everything for a complete meal.

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Lust Fine Food Company arranges all your culinary wishes at your home, on your yacht or at any other location of your choice. Enjoy our high-quality dishes, prepared and served on the spot, with your family or guests. Of course your private event, lunch or dinner will be completed with nice, complementing wines and your guests can enjoy a lovely culinary journey in a familiar environment.

Hans Venneman will be your private chef, and he will prepare the carefully composed menu in your own kitchen. Lust Fine Food Company only works with high-quality, fresh ingredients every day, using seasonal vegetables from the area as a basis. While our chef prepares the best amuse-bouches, the most remarkable hors d’oeuvres and the tastiest meat and fish dishes in your kitchen, you will have plenty of time to chat with your guests in a relaxed atmosphere.

We arrange a complete event, including table linen, tableware and complementing wines. Our task is to enable you to enjoy a culinary lunch or dinner and a lovely, worry-free afternoon or evening.

With your personal preferences and budget, we will compose an exclusive menu for your lunch or dinner. In addition to being able to prepare and serve our dishes at your location, you can choose from many options, including the following.


Private diner Walking diner Luxury buffet Chef’s table
 Fruits de mer Exclusive tapas Seafood and grill Crostinis and crudités

We can meet most culinary demands and we would love to hear what we can do for you.
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Lust Fine Food Company makes soups, sauces, dressings and other mise-en-place for your restaurant or company kitchen. You can see us as the invisible M.E.P. help: our chefs will establish a good base for you.

We can also prepare handmade products according to your recipes. Every type of provisions or garnish we supply to your company is custom-made, and you can taste it!

Do you want to turn your fair, product presentation, business meeting or professional event into something special? Lust Fine Food Company is your perfect partner. We frame the event professionally with stylish decorations and high-quality culinary dishes or amuse-bouches, which we present in creative ways. You will be able to pamper your guests while you have the time to tend to your contacts.

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Food treasure

Good food connects people. We should know. That’s why we have the Lust Imperial Food Treasure. We serve a beautiful wooden treasure chest with a variety of small, exclusive dishes to your table, so you can share and enjoy your food in a special way.

This way of sharing food is ancient. Noble families had various dishes served at the same time so that their guests could see what these families were capable of. Or actually: what their chef was capable of.

Nowadays the most important reason for serving food this way is so that guests can enjoy a variety of culinary riches. Lust Fine Food Company serves the best little dishes at the same time, from lobster to tartare.

All Food Treasures can be ordered for two or more persons and are served cold with complementing garnishes, bread and herb butter.

Prijs   You can order extra for the daily price.
Seafood € 62.50 pp Caviar
Meat € 59.50 pp Duck liver
Combi € 60.00 pp Goose liver
    King crab
    Wagyu beef



Lust Fine Food Company
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